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Are you tired of feeling like you have to prove yourself
or do everything on your own?

Are you sick of the struggle for more time, more money, more clients, and more love (even though you KNOW the world is full of abundance)?

ELEVATE your upper limit, so that you can have more success and make an impact in your business and your personal life.
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You believe in abundance. You try to maintain a positive attitude. You’ve had quantum leaps in your healing journey. You’ve seen the difference you can make in others’ lives, and you want to make a bigger impact.

So why can’t you create the life or business you want? Why do you keep recreating so much pain and struggle? Why have you seem to hit your upper limit?

The answer is simple, and profound. 

Your cells are holding onto your trauma. 

All humans experience trauma, starting with the birthing experience. You may or may not remember the hurt you’ve experienced in your life. Or maybe you thought you’d already dealt with all of it. 

But your cells remember the trauma. They carry energetic residue from the pain, suffering, and stress. And this residue operates in the background like a computer virus, spreading to all areas of your life without you even knowing it.

Talking or thinking about your trauma doesn’t heal or release it. Pushing it out of your mind or denying your feelings doesn’t make it go away. And mentally or emotionally processing it doesn’t remove the residue from your cells.

So how do you get rid of the trauma and elevate your upper limit,  so that you can make an impact?


When we open ourselves to the transformative power of angels, their pure unconditional love works miracles.

get the issues out of your tissues – for good!

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a quick solution that releases trauma from the cells and actually uplevels your DNA. And it’s all done without ever having to relive the pain of the trauma.

IET was discovered by Stevan J. Thayer, a former Electrical Engineer who studied energy therapy after discovering that he’d spent 30 years pushing his trauma and unpleasant feelings away.

One day he woke up feeling dissatisfied with his life and suddenly started having panic attacks and outbursts or rage. His counselor told him it would take at least three years of talk therapy to heal his past, and he did not want to wait that long! That was when he began sessions with a counselor who was also an energy therapist. It was there that he found instant release (and relief). 

Using his Engineering background (along with guidance from Angel Ariel) he developed IET — an organized, methodical approach to tap into Angelic Energy, to help ourselves and help others. 

IET has been in use for more than 20 years, is found in 70 countries, and has spread to more than 50,000 people. The mission of IET is to help the Angels transform the world, one heart at a time!

Elevate Workshop Series-2

Are you ready to elevate your life? Or your business? Or both?

The Elevate IET Workshop Series offers training that unlocks your potential by bathing you in Angelic Energy. This energy of unconditional love allows you to be the best person you can be … living your dreams and bringing your gifts and talents to the world!

The workshop series is specially designed to meet your current needs. Whether you want to just meet your Angel Guides and raise your vibration, or you want to learn IET techniques to use with your clients, or you want to transform you life completely — Carrie Ann has you covered. 

Attend one workshop or attend the whole series! No matter what you workshop you choose, you’ll experience pure joy, unconditional love, and massive healing. You will raise your upper limit and see the results ripple through your life!

Be your Best Self

Integrative Energy Therapy surrounds your DNA with Angelic Energy so that you can blossom as a self-actualized human being.

Live Your Dreams

Integrative Energy Therapy clears your blocks caused by fear, distrust, grief, and anger, so that you can manifest your desires.

Share Your Gifts

Integrative Energy Therapy fills your energy field with unconditional love, elevating  the passion, power, and gifts you have to offer to others.

IET Master-Instructor

Carrie Ann Baron

IET Master-Instructor

Your IET Master-Instructor

Carrie Ann is a Personal Success Mentor, dedicated to inspiring individuals to live a better life.  She uses IET to help her clients release guilt, struggle, unworthiness, and regret so that they can achieve personal success and bring their dreams alive.  

Carrie Ann is the founder of Tenacious living and an IET Master-Instructor. She was inspired to tour Alberta and Manitoba for the ELEVATE IET Workshop Series to share the powerful and transformative Angelic Energy that can truly work miracles.


Workshop Information


Meet your Angel Guides! Expand and elevate your spiritual dimension and raise your vibration by connecting with the nine special Angels of Healing. Discover how to call on your Angel Guides to enrich your life and your business. A great first step to explore IET! (No prerequisite required.)


My Location Choice is....


Train in powerful Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) techniques using angelic energy to clear physical and emotional blockages from your cellular memory. Learn to do a full IET session on yourself and how to add it to your current practice. (No prerequisite required.)


My location choice is .....


Facilitate deep, permanent healing without having to relive the drama or pain. This Advanced IET training guides you through the 14 Steps to Transformation to clear karma, empower your heart, and live in freedom and pure joy. The ultimate game changer! (No prerequisite required.)


My Location Choice is.....

Bundle and Save!

Buy a series of two workshops or all three and save money. Two-Packs and Three-Packs also provide a convenient monthly payment plan.

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Healing Angels Class + Basic Level IET Training

Early Bird Special:  1-Pay $320 or 2-pay of $175/month
After September 11th:  1-pay $360 or 2-pay of $197/month

Two Pack: Single Payment Option

Single Payment Option

Two Pack: two-month Payment Plan



All Elevate IET Workshops

Early Bird Special:  1-Pay $597 or 2-pay of $300/month
After September 11th:  1-pay $649 or 2-pay of $350/month

Three Pack: Single Payment Option

Single Payment Option

Three Pack: two-month Payment Plan


ELEVATE IET Workshop Series Fall 2017


Healing Angels Class

  • Alberta: (Calgary)
    Saturday, November 4
  • Alberta: (Edmonton)
    Sunday, November 19
  • Manitoba: (Brandon)
    Saturday, December 2
*dates subject to change*


Basic Level IET Training

  • Alberta: (Calgary)
    Sunday, November 5
  • Alberta: (Edmonton)
    Monday, November 20
  • Manitoba: (Brandon)
    Sunday, December 3
*dates subject to change*


Two-Day Steps to Transformation

  • Manitoba: (Brandon)
    Saturday-Sunday, Dec 16-17
  • Alberta: (Calgary)
    Saturday-Sunday, January 6-7
  • Alberta: (Edmonton)
    Saturday-Sunday, January 13-14
*dates subject to change*

Transforming the world, one heart at a time!

IET has been in use for more than 20 years, is found in 70 countries, and has spread to more than 50,000 people.  

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