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A little bit about Carrie-Ann….

Carrie-Ann Baron, Personal Success Mentor, is dedicated to inspiring spiritual seekers, energy workers, healers and holistic practitioners to live a better life. She help her clients achieve personal success and bring their dreams alive.  

She has created her own success formula through her versatile insights and the works of many acknowledged spiritual- and success teachers.

Carrie-Ann’s own journey of self-development and having interviewed over a hundred experts on motivation and success around the globe have helped her grow into an asset to your personal, professional and spiritual results. Carrie-Ann knows that your results are an outcome of your input, approach and attitude. She works with your experience, knowledge and helps to create the ultimate tangible goal for you to achieve within months. She helps you do so with the personal attention your life deserves.

Her long journey and hunger for personal success has helped her achieve and break through many obstacles in her life from an early age. Her assets make her powerful and effective. Through her journey and investment she inspires motivation and purpose and does so with the qualities of a feminine leader. Carrie-Ann completed many professional development courses and has trained and succeeded in many athletic challenges. Her resume accounts for many positions in the corporate world, such as Office Manager, Training Logistics Coordinator and Facilitator.

From her point of view, there’s nothing better in life than to be able to give back, to share what she’s learned in all those years of hard work and insights. Carrie-Ann helps you discover and express your potential and lift your doubts from your mind. She helps you see why your purpose is bigger than your objections. With her holistic approach to the elements that shape your victory, she is a key figure in your road to success and happiness. 

Carrie-Ann dreams and lives big. Let her help you break free and find the power and possibilities within you.


Certified Trainer, Fearless Living Institute
I am trained to teach clients how their emotional fears keeps them stuck—and how to master fear to create a life with less stress, more abundance, better relationships and more fulfilling careers.
Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) – Prairies to Peaks

I am trained to provide the unique support that is needed to assist others as they build their confidence and continue on their journey of mental health recovery.

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner – The Center of Being, Inc.
I am trainer to help you live your soul’s mission and bring your dreams alive. The deep energy blockages that can prevent you from living your soul’s mission can easily be released through the special Advanced Level Integrated Energy Therapy® muscle tension – relaxation techniques. These techniques applied to the arms and legs will accelerate you in the living of your soul’s mission.
Certified Applied Management:Utilities Management (University of Manitoba)
The Utilities Management (UM) Specialization provides many of the management skills needed to face the unique challenges and opportunities in the utility sector. In this specialization, we attended in-house training programs and studied general management principles to gain an understanding of the utility sector and its issues and the management practices necessary to effectively address the future changes in the industry. This knowledge is transferable and has served me well in building my own business.
Self Employment Program, Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
This six-month program provided selected individuals with the training and coaching required to create their own successful business. The program combined classroom/workshop training in accounting, marketing, taxation, licensing, business planning, research, registrations, etc., with mentoring/consulting for a full year from start date.
Many Professional Development Courses such as:

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Achieving Extraordinary Customer Relations
Managing the Human Resource Function
Using Accounting Information
Intro to Psychology
Critical Thinking Skills
Dealing with Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Conflict Management and Confrontational Skills
Business Presentations Skills


Personal Triathlon Accomplishments:

Finding the balance between work and play is often the most challenging. And what I know to be true, is that as important as it is to take note of your professional achievements, it is equally important to give yourself acknowledgement for the all the personal accomplishments you have as well. Here are some of my most memorable ones from recent years.

2012 Finisher
§ Great White North Half
§ Ironman Canada 
§ Member of the ETS Program & Talisman Triathlon Club 

2011 Finisher
§ Wasa – Olympic
§ Calgary Police Half Marathon
§ Sylvan Lake Half (Last official finisher of the day 8.34.09)
§ Received the Jason Lapierre Spirit Award in recognition of courage, perseverance and dedication at the 2011 Sylvan Lake Triathlon

2010 Finisher
§ MRU Sprint
§ Beaumont Sprint
§ Alberta Challenge Olympic
§ Banff Subaru Tri Olympic
§ Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer
§ Loop for the Troops 10Km



Aime H

Aime H

“Carrie-Ann is a brilliant source of inspiration. Working with her clients to work past their fears, to break through into courage and their goals. Her skill of guiding her clients to do even more than they thought is a gift to everyone she meets. I encourage you to work with Carrie-Ann if you are ready to live full on in your life with no regrets!” 

Sri Kosalendran

Sri Kosalendran

“Carrie-Ann’s life story is an inspiration. Her strong willed determination to transform her life – from being overweight to triathlon athlete, to her participating and completing the Iron Man – stands as a shining example of her strength, discipline and hard work. She will help a lot of people in discovering and realizing their full potential. I wish Carrie-Ann the best!” IT Transformation Professional + Art of Living Teacher

Trish Hardy

Trish Hardy

“Carrie-Ann is a determined, energetic and unstoppable individual. I most admire Carrie-Ann’s tenacious energy in achieving the goals she sets for herself. Carrie-Ann’s dynamism to take on a triathlon and build a business where she shares her leap of faith to help others is inspirational.” – HR Generalist at Sunshine Village Ski


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