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“Carrie-Ann is one of a kind. I came to her with short notice seeking assistance with some blocks I had in place in preparations for a conference I was speaking at. She narrowed in on what I needed to work on and together we got through some major areas in as little as 2 sessions.She has a way of being direct and supportive at the same time especially when it came to the sensitive areas for me. Her ability to connect intuitively to my needs and guide the sessions based on how I would receive the information made all the difference. I have worked with many coaches and consultants, but none have been able to help me like Carrie-Ann was able to. The work she does it not just for short term success and I plan on having Carrie-Ann apart of my regular self care practice as I know the benefits it has on my business as a Spiritual Advisor.”

Amber Beyer
Inspired Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Advisor | Akashic Records Practitioner | Reiki Energy Healer 

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“Working with Carrie-Ann allowed me to put myself first, process big decisions with someone safe who had impeccable advice, and stay committed to my personal success journey. I’m incredibly grateful for her gentle ability to call me out when I didn’t follow through and a constant reminder of my own ability.”

Candice Smiley 
Professional Networker, Create the Ripple


“Carrie-Ann was such a valuable source of knowledge, guidance, and support, during the beginning stages of starting my business. She provided encouragement, while helping me gain clarity on what I wanted to create, and how to bring that to life. Every session ended with me feeling excited, inspired, and ready to share what I’ve created with the world. I’m filled with gratitude for everything Carrie-Ann has helped me with. Thank you so much for everything.”

Megan Graham
Into Your Truth
Intuitive Coaching for Millennials

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“Carrie-Ann has supported me every step of the way from coaching to build a plan and keep the program on schedule, to editing and graphics production and website promotion. It took all the work out of it so I could focus on what I do best in the best possible way – my message and my passion! Thank you Carrie-Ann!

Richard Schultz
Coach | Spiritual Mentor | Healer  |
Podcast Host on Tenacious Living Network 


“I am grateful for the continued support that I receive from Carrie-Ann. I love how her gentle way has assisted me to step into my purpose and passion ! Her “Outside of the box” coaching has assisted me to find clarity in what really makes my heart sing. I am honored to have Carrie-Ann in my life and look forward to our future time together !”

Daphne McDonagh
Animal Communicator | Energy Healer | Rehabilitation & Wellness Practitioner

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“Carrie-Ann is a fabulous intuitive coach! She helped me see that I was ready to serve a whole new level of clients, and easily reach my desired income goals. We created a plan and she was there to provide support and check in on me as I was expanding into this new level. Highly recommend working with her!” 

Amandalee Sparks-Hatt

Energy Alignment & Mindset Coach  


“Since Carrie-Ann has started working with me I have noticed a positive change in myself and my business. Her support and guidance keeps me focused, grounded, and accountable. Every time she consults with me I learn something new and wonderful about marketing myself. In our world today we can be very knowledgeable and competent in what we do, but if we do not know how to get yourself out there into the public eye our efforts are lost. Her help is invaluable. If you own a business, do yourself a favour and invest in yourself and your business with Carrie-Ann.”

Samaria Cardinal

Meditation | Chakradance |Pranic | Reiki Energy Healing |Shamanism | Intutive/Spiritual Counseling  |Reiki Master/Instructor

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“Carrie-Ann has been very effective, patient, heart-centred and tenacious! The results have been impactful as I expand my business – not only from a marketing standpoint, but for me personally. Her efforts were beyond the extra mile in providing me with tools to assist me in writing specific content and in the process, it helped hone my program. I am very grateful for the diverse expertise Carrie-Ann has shared and look forward to continuing my process through her guidance.”

Sandy D’acey
Vocal Coach | Sound Therapy practitioner

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“Carrie-Ann was awesome to work with.  She help me create two very powerful case studies to utilize in my marketing.  Carrie-Ann definitely has a talent of putting the information together in a format that flows and has an impact.  Even my case study ladies were impressed with the document.  And Carrie-Ann got it right the first time.  Neither of my case study ladies made even one change.  Thank you Carrie-Ann for your professionalism, your talents, and your dedication to support me in looking great and getting my message out.  I would highly recommend Carrie-Ann’s services to anyone! “

Elizabeth J. Macarthur

Certified Radical Living Master Coach   

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“After working with Carrie-Ann I am more focused on what is important and inspiring to me in both business and my personal life. She has helped me discover how to live a more authentic life of meaning and purpose, which has helped me make difficult decisions leading to greater success and fulfillment in all areas of my life. Her unique style of tuning in to what truly matters has saved me from months of being on the wrong path. I highly recommend working with Carrie-Ann if you want to find out how all aspects of your life can work together for accelerated personal and career/business fulfillment and success.” 

Lorna Scott

Caregiver Strategist | Best Selling Author | Facilitator | Keynote Speaker | Owner and Founder at The Caregiver’s Lighthouse  

Aime Hutton

“If you are looking for someone to hold your hand, and give you love kicks at the same time then Carrie-Ann is the consultant you need. Carrie-Ann has been instrumental in helping me feel confident and strong in decisions, experiences, and situations in all areas of life. Carrie-Ann supported me in the creation of my international best selling book anthology, held space as I navigate my own ways of coping with my mental health, and offered her wisdom coupled with her direction when needed on situations that I was nervous about. Thank you Carrie-Ann for your help. I highly recommend Carrie-Ann!”

Aime Hutton

 Girls Empowerment Leader

Janet Wiszowaty

“I loved working with Carrie-Ann, she was patient when my bright shiny object syndrome took over.  My time with Carrie-Ann was productive and I felt supported through the learning process.” 

Janet Wiszowaty

Chief Connektor | Facilitator | Keynote Speaker | Radio Show Host “Worldly Connektions” on


“As a consultant,  Carrie Ann provided support, guidance and tips for producing podcasts for my first time. She laid out a step by step process of organizing the information so it flows for listeners to follow with ease, structuring so the ideas could easily be implemented and how to be prepared for presenting on the scheduled days. The process helped me to feel relaxed and ready to present the information and the ideas.”

Mona Cooley
CEO/Founder, Cool Family Solutions

Host of Real Conversations, Tenacious Living Network

JJ new


“Carrie Ann instantly gets me back into my heart and my intention. She keeps me focused and moving forward in life and in business.” 

Jennifer Joy Frederickson
Master Fearless Living Coach | Life Purpose Palm Reader


Aime H

Aime H

“Carrie-Ann is a brilliant source of inspiration. Working with her clients to work past their fears, to break through into courage and their goals. Her skill of guiding her clients to do even more than they thought is a gift to everyone she meets. I encourage you to work with Carrie-Ann if you are ready to live full on in your life with no regrets!” 

Sri Kosalendran

Sri Kosalendran

“Carrie-Ann’s life story is an inspiration. Her strong willed determination to transform her life – from being overweight to triathlon athlete, to her participating and completing the Iron Man – stands as a shining example of her strength, discipline and hard work. She will help a lot of people in discovering and realizing their full potential. I wish Carrie-Ann the best!” IT Transformation Professional + Art of Living Teacher

Trish Hardy

Trish Hardy

“Carrie-Ann is a determined, energetic and unstoppable individual. I most admire Carrie-Ann’s tenacious energy in achieving the goals she sets for herself. Carrie-Ann’s dynamism to take on a triathlon and build a business where she shares her leap of faith to help others is inspirational.” – HR Generalist at Sunshine Village Ski

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